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Six Tips That Will Help You Set Goals Better

“It’s never enough!” It happened to me repeatedly: I set a goal, achieve it, and reach the outcome, but have no satisfaction or meaning. That’s what I realized once I achieved the desired goal. So the next step every time was to start and search for the next big goal. It happened to me several

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Overlooked Skills Set: Which Skills You Need to Be Good at?

Learning a new skill is compelling. Many people want to learn new skills, and many of them tend to jump towards the more advanced skills like coding or invasive technology early in their carrier in the case of medicine. Well, that’s fine to be ambitious and grow your skillset. As Scott Adams stated in his book,

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Disconnecting and Unplugging From Work and Daily Life

I began writing this essay while sitting on a hill, looking at the fantastic landscape of Tiberias lake, knowing that the sun had already sunk a few hours ago. I have already decided to turn off my phone on airplane mode, declined all calls earlier this day, and didn’t respond to any messages or emails

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The Underrated Value of Boredom

We often prevent ourselves from getting bored or entering boredom completely. Once we find ourselves without a defined activity, we will switch to another one that fills the void – social media, phone calls, replying to messages, or just surfing the internet. Of course, we fill this time mostly with digital devices. And, why not? This habit exposes us

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I make my best to take notes from every book I read.
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