Dr. Fares Darawshy MD

Over the last decade, I’ve practiced medicine and specialized in internal medicine, and then in pulmonary medicine (respiratory medicine, lungs). I have treated hundreds of patients, and learned many clinical skills. 


During these years I burned out. 

So, I decided to start discovering other fields like productivity, lifestyle design, finance, philosophy, and much more. 

Now most of my time I focus on practicing, researching and learning pulmonary medicine as a consultant pulmonologist, and focus on research. I also advice and consult in pulmonary medicine, and review medical content. 

When I’m not practicing medicine, I write, mentor for medical students, and an investor. 



I can advice for companies, startups and researchers in pulmonary medicine (It’s not a medical advice). I also can help you review your medical content.

The Thursday Tips

Every Thursday I share everything I’m learning about medicine, health, fitness, lifestyle, and other things I found interesting during the week.

Read My Library

Read the notes and summaries of books I read. 

What I write About?

My articles cross between topics like medicine, fitness, productivity, lessons learned from practicing medicine, learning and studying, finance, life lessons, and lifestyle. 

My most popular articles include my challenge of 1000 pushups in one day, how to lose 4 Kg in 30 days, and learning by doing. And if you want to read my books notes and summaries, I recommend you start with Atomic Habits, Siddhartha, and Man’s search for meaning. 

If you want to see all my writing on one page, you will find them here

You can also find me on twitter, and if you want to email me, send a note to [email protected] 


Fares Darawshy MD

The Full Back Story

My story is quite typical. I grow up as a kid learning and internalizing that life goes through a very obvious track: You go to school, get good degrees, learn something good in university (medicine!), start working and earn money, save until your 60’s and then you might start living your life.

Additionally, I raised up that lifestyle is not an issue, and it’s okay to be bit obese, harm yourself with food, being unhealthy, being sick every while.

Following this wisdom on life and lifestyle, I found myself during my 20’s little bit obese, focusing only on learning medicine, and never find any significance in life.

During my years in medicine, as a student and later as a doctor, I started to understand the human body better than before, and how it interacts with environment, food, social interactions, and relationships. I also watched closely how doctors are not necessarily happy or satisfied because of their job or rule. I also observed among others how the conventional lifestyle can ruin health – both physical and mental. I saw many burned out people, both in medicine and outside it.

Over the years I worked on improving myself to get away from the conventional life I used to it, and self improvement became part of who I’m. I started to improve my body, went from weighting around 110 Kg when I was 20 years old, to 81 Kg currently. Today fitness and exercises are part of my daily routine.

But it didn’t stopped with losing weight. I improved my mindset, mental health, and learned to keep my energy level high most of the day. I learned about money and investments.

And most importantly, I learned about building your lifestyle.

My drive now is to keep health and family the top priorities in life, and focus on areas that matter: nutrition, fitness, mental health, rest, family and relationships.

This website includes everything I learn to keep my priorities in their order.



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