Favorite Tools

Below you will find my favorite tools. These are things I use almost every day. These are tools that help me become more productive. Some tools help me write and systemize the whole process.

Note: Some of the links are affiliate links, but keep in mind I don’t recommend anything I don’t use myself.  


Grammarly is the a great app I use everyday. It’s an AI powered desktop app that will help you compose bold, clear and mistake free writing. I use it on my computer, and on my iPad also. Grammarly make writing a more simplified process when it correct mistakes. 


Todoist is my favorite and easiest task manager that I use. You can create projects, and divide them into smaller tasks. 


When I drive to work, I usually listen to podcasts or audiobooks. Audible is definitely the best app to listen to audiobooks, and it has a driving mode ! 

The voice is clear, you can set the frequency as you like, and most of the books you will find on Amazon are also on audible. 

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